About Joe​'s Organics

Joe Diffie started his commercial compost hauling career as a Co-Director at Ecology Action. In 2011 he administered the City of Austin's first compost hauling pilot program.  He eventually formed Joe's Organics in 2012, with the mission of diverting organic urban waste from landfills and turning it into a valuable resource. Today, Joe's Organics collects over three tons of waste each week from over 50 restaurants and sustainable businesses in the Austin area. Over the last several years, over 200 tons of food waste have been diverted from landfills!

In February 2015, Joe’s Organics received a Young Farmer’s Grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture to expand the composting business into agriculture.  The fields and greenhouse are fertilized by green businesses who are taking the next step to zero-waste, our local "Compost Partners." Compost is used as the fertility base to grow clean, chemical-free microgreens and produce for sale to chefs, distributors, and at Texas Farmers Markets and the Downtown SFC Market. The team at Joe's Organics is passionate about sustainable agriculture and empowering young people to get involved with growing food!