Scarlet Frills Mustard

Mustards lower cholesterol and help detox the body, and are great for improving lung health

Nasturtium Shoots

Peppery, bittersweet, and a top pick of fine chefs looking for the perfect garnish!


Loads of flavenoids and antibacterial essential oils are two of the many reasons we love basil


Parsley keeps your immune system strong and support healthy kidney function


Small but powerful - broccoli is famous for its high antioxidant levels.


Cress has a beautiful leaf shape and sharp, peppery taste.

Bronze Fennel

Unique anise flavor and a host of nutrients and antioxidants - great for heart and colon health


Our red-veined sorrel has a tart flavor due to folic acid

Pea Shoots

Antioxidants and phytonutrients in pea shoots are a natural anti-inflammatory for your body


This exotic herb is a beauty, and very popular in Asian cuisines


This perennial favorite is rich in folic acid, vitamins A, C, and K, to name a few!

Our Microgreens

 Spicy Mix

A blend of exotic mustards makes this microgreen mix pop on a plate and your palette

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Red Cabbage

Hearty and mild micro, with high levels of vitamins A and K

Opal Basil

We love the color of this unique basil - a great spin on the original!


Research has shown that cilantro may help with heavy metal detoxification in the body!


This superfood is chock full of both essential nutrients and trace elements to support your health


Scallions are one of the most potent sources of vitamin K out there!


This exotic herb is a beauty, and very popular in Asian cuisines


Large and hearty microgreen with a familiar radish flavor


Monoterpenes in dill are great protection against carcinogens