Microgreens and Fresh Produce Sustainably Grown in East Austin

So, what are microgreens?

 How are they different from sprouts or baby greens?
Microgreens are the young, tender shoots of vegetables and herbs harvested just after the true leaves have emerged. Microgreens are harvested just above the soil surface and include a stem, cotyledons (those distinct first two leaves to emerge from a seed), and the first two tender, true leaves.

In contrast, sprouts are not grown in soil. They are seeds sprouted in water and include a thin root and cotyledon.

Baby greens are similar to microgreens, but just a bit older and harvested above the soil once several true leaves have matured.

So now you know what microgreens are, what is so special about them?

Microgreens are extremely tender and fresh, providing exquisite flavor and nutrition! If you don’t take our word for it, take it from the scientists at the USDA Agricultural Research Service. In 2014 they published that of 25 varieties tested, microgreens generally contain 5 to 40 times greater levels of vitamins and antioxidants than their mature counterparts. Here at Joe's, we consider our microgreens to be “nature’s vitamin pills."

How are Joe’s Microgreens grown?

The story of our microgreens starts with food waste collected from our local compost partners. Food waste is diverted from landfills and comes to our farm where it is thoroughly composted. We then mix this rich compost with sand and perlite to make a nutrient-dense growing medium! All of our microgreens are hand seeded and watered by innovative ebb-and flood benches, which collect all excess water for reuse.

We sell our microgreens living, and we recommend cutting them just before eating for the freshest greens and herbs you've ever tasted. It's like bringing the farm right into your kitchen!

How do I use microgreens?

Microgreens are a fantastic addition to soups, salads, sandwiches, omelets, smoothies, and more! Use them as a main ingredient or a garnish to add lots of color and flavor to any dish. Soon you'll find you can't stop posting pictures of the gourmet meals you've been making! We this this article has some pretty fantastic inspiration for recipes if you're looking for more.

Farm Fresh Produce

We're also using local Austin-made Compost to close the loop on local food production by growing vegetables in a sustainably managed 1/4 acre market garden. Our garden specializes in growing the finest baby greens for the Austin community - salad mixes, baby spinach, exotic mustards and more. Our Compost provides us with fertile soil from composted food waste from Austin restaurants! It's full cycle urban farming - from farm, to table, and back to the farm!

We never use toxic chemicals in our garden - fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. We rely on healthy soil, crop rotations, and seasonally appropriate crop choices to produce healthy plants that are nourishing for you and your family. We use only certified organic, non-GMO seed, and all other inputs used on the farm are OMRI listed (approved for organic production). 

Find our microgreens and veggies at Texas Farmer's Markets and select restaurants in Austin!